Membership membership


In Romans 12:5, the Apostle Paul describes Christians in a local church as members who belong to each other. At Woodgreen we express this bond with each other, and the privileges and responsibilities that flow from it, through formal church membership. Church membership is very different to becoming a member of a golf club or leisure centre. We join a club for what we get out of it, but we become a church member primarily to give, serve and be accountable. Becoming a member at Woodgreen means committing to a community of Christians who are united by the gospel, bound together by a distinct set of beliefs and values, and have a vision to make Jesus known. Church membership is open to any follower of Jesus who is a regular attender at Woodgreen and in full agreement with our four church statements: our doctrinal statement, purpose statement, values statement and ethical statement. If you would like more information about how to become a church member please contact the church office.

Emily Johnston, 08/03/2021