The Cross

Betrayed by a disciple; exhausted by sorrow; arrested by armed men; disowned by his friends; condemned by the authorities; denounced by the crowd; handed over by a coward; mocked by his captors; crucified next to criminals; abandoned by his Father.

This is how Luke describes the last few hours before Jesus dies. Jesus has spent three years demonstrating kindness, healing the sick and captivating the crowds, but his life ends in the most brutal, bloody way imaginable. This doesn’t sound like a happy ending and yet Luke is convinced that this is good news that’s worth sharing with the world.

Christians around the world celebrate Jesus’ death and label it ‘Good Friday’. They sing about his death on the cross and rejoice in what it achieved. Join us in the run up to Easter on Sunday mornings as we look at the climax of Luke’s gospel and see how the cross was Jesus crowning moment of glory and our great hope today in life and in death.

2nd February The Great Betrayal Luke 22: 1 – 6
9th February The Last Passover Luke 22: 7 – 23
16th February How to be Great Luke 22: 24 – 38
23rd  February A battle of wills Luke 22: 39 – 62
1st March Trial and Error Luke 22: 63 – 23: 25
8th March Amazing Grace Luke 23: 26 – 34