Come and check out the Student and 20s Work at Woodgreen Church Worcester.

Leaving home and moving to a new city is both an exciting and daunting prospect. It’s a time so many people love as they meet new people, experience new things and learn a lot of important life lessons (…so that’s how you boil an egg!)

One of the most important decisions you can make is finding a church that will support you during this time of transition. It has the potential to be an awesome time of rapid growth in love for Jesus and working out his plan for your life.

Woodgreen is a large family friendly church, 10 minute drive out of town that would love to help you as you start this new stage of your life. We love Jesus and his word and want as many people as possible to discover his life changing grace.

The Main Events

Sunday @ 6.00pm

On Sunday evenings we are currently meeting as a church family in the building to hear God’s Word preached and pray together. You can book a place by following this link.  Please get in touch with us about transport to get there (see below).

After Eights 8.00pm on Zoom

We meet on Zoom on a Sunday evening for discussion and prayer as well as games and chat. To get the login details contact Duncan or Abi (details below).

Student Lifts

If you want a lift over to Woodgreen from the university and back, we’d love to help you out! We’ll be providing a taxi service from the Severn Gate to the 6.00pm meetings. Let us know that you are coming and then meet at the gate at 5:35pm.

Student Lunch Link Up

We also like to link students up with a family who can offer them a comfy sofa to sit on, some cracking grub and some sizzling chat. Once you’ve experienced a student diet you realize this is a non-negotiable lifesaver!

Weekend Away

Each year we go away together for a weekend in the countryside and have a weekend of superb bible teaching as well as fantastic food, fun and games.

If you want to know any more then get in touch with Duncan Cobbett ( or Abi Coward ( who would love to be of service.