Confident in God (Psalms 15-24)

The Psalms is a songbook consisting of a rich variety of poems which God’s people have used through the ages to pray and praise Him through the ups and downs of life. Psalms 15-24 form a fascinating and thrilling mini-section within the Psalms of David, framed by the hugely important question, who is able to enter God’s presence (Psalm 15:1, Psalm 24:3)?
This can be an unsettling question for many Christians who, racked by guilt, memory of past failures, or feelings of inadequacy, lack confidence that God will accept them. As these Psalms declare the glorious nature of God’s steadfast faithfulness, God’s perfect justice, God’s precious word, and God’s tender care, they give the Christian believer grounds for rock-solid assurance of their acceptance by God, through the saving work of God’s King, Jesus.
Join us as we see that even in the face of suffering and persecution, God’s people can be totally confident of enjoying God’s presence both now and in eternity.