Return, Rebuild, Reset

For many people 2020 has been a year to forget: a painful year lived in exile from friends and family, a frustrating year where our freedom has been restricted. So the hope of a return to normality in 2021 is exciting. The return from exile will soon begin. The rebuilding work can begin. Life will reset.

But with God there are no wasted years. So what are the lessons he has taught us in 2020 that we need to remember in 2021? As we prepare to return, rebuild and reset what should our new ‘spiritual normal’ look like?

Join us at the start of a new year as we prepare our hearts to return, rebuild and reset by looking together at the Old Testament book of Ezra. Ezra tells the story of how the people of God returned to Jerusalem after 70 years in exile in Babylon. Their aim was to rebuild the temple. Their relationship with God was about to be reset. 

But will they learn the lessons God has taught them while they’ve been in exile? Lessons about his sovereignty and faithfulness. Lessons about persevering through discouraging times. Lessons about the importance of building their lives on God’s Word.

As we work through Ezra we will be pointed forward again and again to the Lord Jesus, who arrived on the scene 400 years later. Ultimately, Jesus is the one who brings us out of spiritual exile and resets our relationship with God. And he calls us to be engaged in his great building project on earth.

As we prepare to return, rebuild and reset our lives in 2021 we will see from Ezra that a spiritual reset has to be focused on Jesus if it’s ever going to last.

January 3rd
Who’s in the driving seat?
Ezra 1
January 10th
A renewed heart for God’s people
Ezra 2 (cf: Ezra 8: 1 – 14)
January 17th
Getting your priorities right
Ezra 3: 1 – 6
January 30th
Recommitting to the building work
Ezra 3: 7 – 13
February 7th
The inevitability of opposition
Ezra 4
February 14th
Setbacks and the sovereignty of God
Ezra 5: 1 – 6: 15
February 21st
Mission Accomplished?  
Ezra 6: 14 – 22
February 28th
Devoted to God’s Word
Ezra 7: 1 – 10
March 7th
A remarkable change of heart
Ezra 7: 11 – 28
March 14th
Amazing Grace
Ezra 8: 15 – 36
March 21st
How to turn to God
Ezra 9
March 28th
Not a happy ending
Ezra 10