Return of the King

Is Harry Kane the right captain to unite the men wearing three lions and lead England to World Cup glory? Can Theresa May and David Davis strike a good deal with the EU which allows both control of the boarders and economic prosperity? Are they the right people for the job, can they deliver on the promise? All the way from international to office politics we care about leadership and we want to be lead well. Good leadership enables life to flourish and so the question of what we should look for in a leader is vital. God shows us in the book of 1 Samuel what good and bad leadership looks like. After Saul has modelled the bad, in chapters 16 – 19 God gives us a taste of what good leadership is like. The surprising choice of David teaches us lessons of how God will achieve his purposes for his world and what it looks like to live with him as our leader. David is a prototype of Jesus and so get ready to see how this shepherd boy projects how the universe will be led by his greatest grandson. As we return to the King we’ll finally find a leader we can trust with our lives and serves us to his death.

1st July The Unlikely King 1 Samuel 16
8th July The Invincible King 1 Samuel 17
15th July The Irresistible King 1 Samuel 18
22nd July The Opposed King 1 Samuel 19