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    Church Day

    Sermons preached on Church Day.

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    The Good Shepherd

    By announcing “I am the Good Shepherd”, Jesus assures us of his extraordinarily tender care for every single one of his people, the security of the salvation found in Him, and also reminds us why He is a leader truly worth following. Join us as we think together about what it means to live as one of Jesus’ “sheep”.

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    Habakkuk is a short wrestle with the big question of how can God can allow evil and wickedness to go unpunished. It takes 3 chapters of wrestling with God to get to a point of being able to trust his Sovereignty. The same is true for us; we can’t expect a quick answer to this issue – we can’t expect God to reveal everything to us.

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    Ruth: From Poverty to Plenty

    A story which starts with tragedy, death and bitterness ends with love, life and future hope. And this is why Ruth is good news for us today. Her story leads us to Jesus’s story. As we see God’s kindness to Ruth we also see his kindness to us in Christ. Ruth points us to the love, life and future hope that is available to everyone who trusts in Jesus.

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    Exodus: The Ruler who Rescues for Relationship

    As we read Exodus together we’ll learn more about what God is like, how the rescue of God’s people from Egypt foreshadows the greater salvation we have received through the Lord Jesus Christ, and how we are to relate to God now as his redeemed people.

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    Prone to Wander

    This series gives us all an opportunity to reflect on some of the subtle ways that we distance ourselves from our loving heavenly Father, and remind ourselves of the grace he lavishes on all those who trust in Jesus’ death to bring forgiveness for all our sins.

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    The Joy of Gospel Partnership

    Join us as we take a slow graze through Paul's letter to the Philippians and discover the joy that is found in the gospel and in true gospel partnership.

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