Prone to Wander

“Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it
prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
Seal it for thy courts above.”
Robert Robinson, 1758

Hymnwriter Robert Robinson wrote these words from his own experience of being tempted to wander away from the God he loved. Many of us will also experience times when we struggle in our faith. At times we can wander away from our good shepherd like a lost sheep. We can drift away from the Lord Jesus, and like a swimmer carried in a rip tide we often don’t realise how far we’ve drifted until we’re miles from the shore.

This summer series gives us all an opportunity to reflect on some of the subtle ways that we distance ourselves from our loving heavenly Father, and remind ourselves of the grace he lavishes on all those who trust in Jesus’ death to bring forgiveness for all our sins.

4th August AM Hypocrisy Matthew 6: 1 – 18
4th August PM Complacency Hebrews 2: 1 – 4; 3: 12 – 13
11th August AM Worldliness Matthew 6: 19 – 24
11th August PM Pride Luke 18: 9 – 14
18th August AM Worry Matthew 6: 25 – 35
18th August PM Self-Control Selected Proverbs
25th August AM Judgmentalism Matthew 7: 1 – 5
25th August PM Gossip Ephesians 4: 29 – 5: 5
1stSeptember AM Cynicism Matthew 7: 7 – 12
1stSeptember PM Envy Psalm 73