richardWhether you’ve just moved to the area, or have lived locally all your life – we are pleased you’ve found us and I just want to give you a flavour of life here at Woodgreen Evangelical Church. And If you’re new to Woodgreen don’t worry, there are others just like you!

We are a group of people from all walks of life, with very varied backgrounds, and different stories to tell and we want to do our best to make everyone feel warmly welcomed. We try to make all of our meetings accessible, engaging and helpful so if you come and join us we trust you will find this is the case. We welcome anyone regardless of age, background, life experiences or your understanding of the Christian faith. We can’t promise everything will be perfect because none of us are perfect! But with God’s help and guidance we aim to be the church he wants us to be.

Sundays is likely to be the best way of getting to know us. Our services are designed for absolutely anyone. We hope you’ll find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where things are explained clearly as we seek to glorify God and enjoy him through singing, prayer and the faithful application of the Bible in a culturally relevant way that connects with modern life. It is our conviction that when “God‘s Word is explained – God‘s Voice is heard“.

Each Sunday morning we encourage all ages to be together for the first part of the service. We don’t mind the sound of children among us as there is usually a children’s slot before they have their own activities. We have a quiet crèche and an active room for toddlers.

And what better way for you to get to know us and us to know you than over a cup of coffee after each service. If you want to contact us before you come then you can do so here.

We look forward to welcoming you at Woodgreen.

Richard Lacey
Lead Pastor at Woodgreen
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