Eyewitnesses of the Messiah

At the start of his gospel Luke says that everything we’re about to read has been drawn from the eyewitness testimonies of people who saw and met with Jesus. Luke is a historian. He wants us to know that what we’re about to read is fact not fiction.

To show us this he kicks off his gospel with the personal stories of five people who witnessed the first Christmas. Join us in the run up to this Christmas as we listen in to their stories and discover why Jesus’ birth matters for us today.

21st October Luke’s Story: ‘This really happened!’ Luke 1: 1 – 4
28th October Zechariah’s Story: ‘The Lord is gracious!’ Luke 1: 5 – 25 / 57 – 80
4th November Mary’s Story: ‘God’s blessing has come!’ Luke 1: 26 – 56
25th November The Shepherd’s Story: ‘A Saviour has been born!’ Luke 2: 1 – 21
2nd December Simeon and Anna’s Story: ‘The wait is over!’ Luke 2: 22 – 52
9th December John’s Story: ‘Prepare to meet him!’ Luke 3: 1 – 20