Women’s Day Conference

Pursing Purity in an Impure World


9:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Main session 1
11:15 Break
11:45 Seminars
12:45 Lunch (provided)
1:45 Main session 2
3:00 Finish

There will be a bookstall provided by 10ofthose—so remember your purse!

Main sessions – Helen Thorne

We follow a God who is utterly pure. His holiness is one of his defining characteristicsand it’s beautiful in every respect. As his people, we’re called to be like him but that’s no easy task in this fallen world where there are temptations all around. In our main sessions we’ll discover more about the depths of our Saviour’s sinlessness and the wonderful way he is leading every one of us (whatever our backgrounds) to become increasingly faithful and distinct in the ways we use our bodies and minds.

Seminar choices (pick one)
The End of Gender?

Our culture is changing quickly and it’s difficult to keep up with debates about gender and sexual identity. This seminar will help us understand what’s going on around us, what the Bible teaches, and how we can engage clearly and compassionately with the challenges created by the transgender revolution.

Breaking the Bond of Shame

We all experience shame at some point and surely that is a good thing? Shame of our sin that drives us to the cross can bring forgiveness and freedom. But what if shame continues to plague our day to day lives? How can we help those who feel crushed by shame? Let’s dig into God’s word together to see how the bond of shame can truly be broken / conquered.

Purity Online

The statistics are stark: with over 60% of girls and 90% of boys seeing porn before they’re18 and approximately 1 in 5 women in church struggling online, we need to be open and honest about the purity challenges that technology brings. Whether you are struggling yourself or care for someone who is, come and discover more of the freedom Jesus brings.

*We are aware that this day focuses on sensitive issues, throughout the day there will be quiet space and prayer available.*

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