Women’s Conference – Nightmares and Daydreams

About the day

Arrival and coffee will be at 9.30am with the first session taking place at 10.00am.

Lunch will be provided and the last session will finish at around 3.00pm.  There will then be time for reflection and further chatting for those who wish to stay.

In the 2 main sessions we will be hearing from Clare Heath-Whyte who will speak on Luke chapter 12.

On booking you will also be asked to choose a seminar to attend.

The day will cost £12 and concessions will be charged at £7.

About the Speaker

Clare married an airline pilot 23 years ago, but came down to earth with a bump 5 years later when her husband David started training for ministry in the Church of England  For the past 12 years they were in a smallish church in Hertfordshire, but before Christmas David became the Team Rector of Morden in South London. They have 2 children at university, and now with an empty nest, Clare is enjoying speaking at various events, exploring London, and getting to know people while working out how best to get involved in the ministry of their new church. Clare has also written books about Christian women from the past and is currently working on a book on church history for young children.

Main Sessions

Stress, anxiety, purpose and motivation are all challenges for Christian women in the 21st century. Looking at Luke chapter 12 we will discover timeless lessons for contemporary problems from the teaching of Jesus himself.

Seminar Choices

Life One-to-One. One-to-one relationships equip us to live lives transformed for Jesus. How are they done well? Who are they for? A practical introduction to meeting up one- to-one with another Christian.

Living life in the present shaped by the future. God created us to live forever but due to the fall our lives on this earth will come to an end. In Christ we have a glorious hope awaiting us. However, we often live on this earth as if this is all there is. Come and look at how having a clearer view of the new creation impacts the way we live now.

Kids and the internet. Do you worry about what our young people are exposed to online? The book of Proverbs has plenty of wisdom to offer as we seek to equip our children and teens to be wise online and off.

What happens when I pray? If God is sovereign, why should I bother to pray? Does it make any difference? In this seminar, we’ll consider why God wants us to pray, what happens in heaven when we pray and how our prayers bring about God’s work on earth.

Wesley wives. Many of us may have heard of how God used John and Charles Wesley in the Evangelical revival of the 18th century. The women in their lives are less well known. A varied group of women – from godly to gossipy; from prayerful to paranoid – their lives can help teach each one of us how to (and how not to!) live our Christian lives today.

To book a place please contact Jean at women@woodgreenchurch.co.uk.