Sunday Evening Seminars


We will come together as usual for a short time before splitting up into 4 seminar tracks. Afterwards refreshments will be available as usual.

The Seminars will be smaller and are designed to be informal and interactive. There will be time for discussion and group work as well as questions and answers. How each seminar will works will depend on the leader. The seminar time will be around 45mins.


Information about the 4 tracks are all below. There are 3 adult seminars and 1 youth seminar, so why not come as a family?

In order to help plan the right rooms and resources for each seminar please SIGN UP IN ADVANCE by using the link to the sign-up sheet for your chosen seminar. Alternatively, please email the church office with your seminar choice.


Wednesday 30th September

Seminar 1:


Leader: Andy Rees

The thought of talking to someone about Jesus is a scary prospect for most of us. Even more so in the current climate where Christianity is ridiculed in the media and biblical morals are derided as bigoted. It can feel like being a baby thrown into a cage fight. In this seminar track we are going to be equipping the baby with some ‘knuckledusters’. We’ll be seeing how the Bible actually gives us tools to help get underneath unbelievers skin. However hard they try, people made in the image of God can’t get rid of his fingerprint on their lives. Right there is a wonderful way to engage in genuine conversation that can expose Jesus’ life-changing grace to someone’s heart.

So if you want to:

  • get deeper than the ‘I go to church’ conversation killer,
  • understand what a worldview is and how it helps in evangelism,
  • grow in confidence that the biblical worldview is wonderful,
  • have opportunities to practice conversations in a safe environment 
Come to Evangelism Fight Club.

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Seminar 2:


Leader: Peter Barham

‘What happens when your quiet time goes silent?’ The Bible says much about guarding the heart. And we know about its deceitfulness. These seminars will aim to help and encourage new and older Christians who want their daily walk with God to stay fresh and meaningful. 
In a busy and demanding world no-one says it’s easy, but together we’ll tackle some of the why, what and how questions relating to refreshing our hearts in God. Come to share not just hear!

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Seminar 3:


Leader: AJ Johnstone

‘We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done’ (Psalm 78:4)

Come along to these practical seminars as we spend time thinking about why and how we teach children and young people the Bible.

These are for anybody involved in youth and children’s work, whether that be Young Church, Friday Nights or in the home!

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Youth Seminar:


Led by The Gaines Team

  • A 90 year old woman giving birth to a baby boy?
  • 2 million Israelites leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea on dry 
  • A small shepherd boy defeating a 9 foot giant?
  • God coming to earth as a baby? 
The Bible is now seen as a collection of myths, legends and stories and even Christians sometimes struggle to see how it all fits together. These seminars will help to show how every part of the Bible is part of History, and that every part of History is part of God’s plan to redeem a broken world. 
(For young people in school years 5-8)

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