Pastoral Care Resources

Our Pastoral Care Worker has found some useful resources which may want to take a look at.  All the details and links can be found below.


Jonty Allcock thinks through how we can obey the seemingly impossible command ‘do not fear’ when there seems so much to fear as we face the Coronavirus.  He doesn’t minimise the reality of what there is to fear, but helps us to see how God meets our fears.

Alasdair Groves uses the Israelites waiting to cross into the promised land to address how we can deal with our anxieties and trust in God when the future is uncertain.

Ed Welch looks at how fear and faith interact through Psalm 56.

As finite creatures, our perspective on what God is up to is so limited.  Erik Raymond shows us a few things that we can be confident God is doing through this pandemic.

Tim Challies looks at some of the challenges lockdown presents those living alone, and gives some practical tips for things that can help through this time.

The Christian Counselling and Education Foundation (CCEF) have put together a specific webpage with links to a number of resources seeking to help us biblically think through the challenges COVID19 brings us, such as loneliness, death, anxiety, parenting, and suffering.

Unfortunately for some, staying at home during lockdown isn’t hard, it’s dangerous.  There has been an increase in calls to domestic abuse helplines over the last few weeks.  In this article, Dardy Stickland considers how those who are being abused can cope during this time of lockdown and what others can do to support them.


An interview with John Piper about he addresses the fears coronavirus bring him.

Christine Hoover has a regular podcast where she addresses a variety of topics including fear and anxiety.

Simon and Margi were missionaries and now are on staff at Moore College.  In this helpful interview, they share their own thoughts and experience on why the changes we’re currently going through are akin to culture shock.  They share practical tips and biblical encouragement on how to adjust to the new normal.