Equipped to speak up

Four seminar streams running over three Sunday evenings – 29th January, 5th February and 12th February.
Book in to the seminar stream you want to attend below.

Just Start Talking

Leader: Richard Lacey

To know Jesus is to have the most amazing relationship of all. But for many of us talking about Jesus is difficult and even discouraging. We’re shy. We’re fearful. We’re plagued by feelings of inadequacy. Using a mixture of DVD clips and small group discussion, Just Start Talking will encourage us to have greater confidence in pointing others to Jesus.

So Many Questions

Leader: Ed Houghton

One of the things that can stop us talking about Jesus is fear of being asked a difficult question we can’t answer. Using a mixture of small group discussion and DVD clips, we will look at 6 of the ‘big’ questions non-Christians ask and think about how we can respond in a way that not only answers the question but builds the relationship.

Evangelistic Family Life

Leader: AJ

The way Christians ‘do family’ can be evangelistic as we parent our children distinctively in a way that points others to Jesus. We’re going to think about how we parent our children in 3 crucial areas: 1. Sex and relationships   2. The ‘digital age’   3. Treasuring God’s word.

Two Ways to Live (School Years 5-8)

Leader: Joe and Alice Noble

Find it hard to tell your friends about Jesus? Why would you even want to tell them? ‘Two ways to live’ is a simple way to tell others about your faith. You will learn the gospel in 6 steps which are easy to remember and you will come away wanting and knowing how to tell your friends and family about Jesus.

Sign up here for your choice of seminar, by Wednesday 25th January, or contact Martyn in the church office – 01905 754548.