Equipped to be Gospel People

Sunday Evening Seminars 2020

Leader: Ben Putt
God’s plan is to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus, and his plan is to do it through His church. However, we live in a nation where fewer than 3% of the population know Jesus as their Lord and King, and so the task can seem overwhelming. In a culture that seems completely against us, we’re going to spend some time thinking about how we can be involved in God’s great mission both individually with the people we know, and together as a church in the region around us. Over the three sessions we will look at 1) A Heart for the Lost, 2) The Hope for the Lost, 3) Helping the Lost.

Leader: Duncan Cobbett
Although it is made up of 66 books, penned by forty people, across several different genres and in different languages, the Bible isn’t just a random collection of books; it is one connected story. The God’s Big Picture Bible Overview traces the story of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation to see how all the pieces of the gospel jigsaw fit together. In each session we’ll watch a short video talk from Vaughan Roberts and then discuss what we’ve heard, helping us all to have the confidence and tools to read and understand the story of the whole Bible and its fulfilment in Jesus Christ.

Leader: AJ
3F’s: ‘Fear’, ‘Failure’, ‘Futile’ are words and emotions we can often attach to our efforts at parenting children and young people. In this seminar stream will take three G’s: God, Grace and Gospel, focusing on why they should be at the centre of our family life so that our families can glorify God. Although applied differently at various stages of family life, these 3G’s are foundational for all shapes and sizes of families. So whether you’re a parent of teens, tweens or toddlers (or all 3!), this is for you.
WARNING – this is not a seminar stream for those who think they have got parenting sorted, this is a seminar stream for those who know they haven’t!
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