Equipped to be Content

Sunday Evening Seminars

Men’s Track

Leaders: Duncan Cobbett, Andy Rees, Ed Houghton

Paul said he had ‘learnt be content whatever the circumstances’. But what does that mean in practice for us as men? We will be considering what it looks like to be content with our stuff, our spouse (or lack of) and living in a world of spoiled dreams. How can knowing Jesus enable us not just to endure in these areas but positively thrive? Come and join us as we seek to practically apply truth through input and discussion.

Women’s Track

Leader: Carolyn Lacey

We all want to feel secure, significant and satisfied, but so often we look to the wrong things to meet these desires. The result is discontent. As Christians, we have been given every spiritual blessing in Christ, but for many of us it’s a battle to be truly content. In these seminars we’ll explore how we can become content with our possessions, our relationships and our circumstances. While we live in this broken world these things all fall short of perfect, but contentment is possible. Come and discover how the gospel of Jesus Christ equips us to know true and lasting contentment.

 Youth Track (8 – 12 years old)

Leader: AJ

Praying to our Triune God is an enormous privilege and is the only relationship that will bring us true contentment! In this track we will spend time delighting in the truth that we pray to the Father, through the Son and by the Spirit. Come along and be prepared to have your view of prayer changed and challenged over these three weeks!

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