A Pie, A Pint and £33 million

A Pie, A Pint and £33 million
WHEN? Thursday 10th March 7:30-9:00ish
WHERE? King Charles II Worcester
WHY? What would you say to the Worcester Multi-millionaire ? Or the hundreds of people who wanted it to be them ? What would you do with £33 million ?

Enjoy a legendary King Charles II pie and mash with friends and hear an engaging after-dinner speaker with time for questions hosted by Woodgreen Church.
What would Jesus say to the Worcester Multi-millionaire and does it answer any of life’s bigger questions ? He has lots to say that is both relevant, thought provoking and at times controversial. What about when £33 million isn’t enough ?
Whether you are interested or a skeptic, enjoy a good debate or just want a pie and pint with friends this will be a great evening to come along to.
Tickets £10 – Includes a Pie and a Pint of your choice – book yours by Friday 4th March.

To book contact: andy@woodgreenchurch.co.uk