Occasionally we enjoy a Saturday morning full English breakfast together at a local hotel. This gives us the opportunity to talk as we eat at our tables before listening to a talk on a topical issue.

Prayer times

Men meet at 7am on the first Friday in the month.

Golf Days

Twice a year in all weathers we have a stableford based competition at a local golf course and the dates for 2017 are 13th May and 23rd September. Handicaps are in place and there are prizes to be won. Men of all ages and abilities have a buffet lunch before spending an afternoon around the course.

Dads and Toddlers

‘Men behaving dadly’ could be a good description of this time when dads spend a Saturday morning at church playing with all the toys and equipment the children are used to when they come to Toddlers in the week. The one real difference from midweek are the bacon sandwiches! We meet around three times a year around special times such as Father’s Day and Christmas.

If you want more information about men’s events send us an email.