Church membership is very different to becoming a member of a golf club or leisure centre. We join a club for what we get out of it, but we become a church member primarily to give, serve and be accountable. In many ways the term ‘gospel partner’ is better than ‘church member’.

Becoming a member at Woodgreen means committing to a community of Christians who have a distinct identity, ethos and vision. It is about a deeper commitment to a group of believers who are in mission to grow together and reach out to others with the gospel.

How do I become a member?

There is a ‘Membership Pack’ which contains a number of items to read and consider: – Booklet outlining what makes us tick as a church

  • Book by Sam Allberry called “Why Bother with Church?”
  • Booklet on discovering your God-given spiritual gifts which will build up the church
  • Booklet on ‘Cheerful giving’ as we rely solely on members and regular attenders for the financial support of our ministries.
  • Application Form

We see membership as a relational matter so we ask you to attend a meal where you can meet some of the church leaders and hear a fuller presentation of the church’s vision and values. And you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

If you want to become a member then fill out the application form and at a convenient time an Elder along with another church member will visit you to discuss your application. The Elder will then bring a recommendation to an Elders’ meeting and if successful you will be welcomed into membership at the next Sunday service when there is communion.

“So in Christ, we who are many form one body and each member belongs to all the others” The Bible, Romans 12:5