We want to give you the opportunity to investigate the claims of Jesus, the person at the heart of Christianity.

No other person has had such an impact on the world’s history. In fact he divides the whole of world history into the years marked BC and AD. More books have been written about him than anyone else in history and no-one has been the subject of paintings, music and poetry compared to Jesus.

Millions of people have laid down their lives for him and are still doing so and his followers can be found throughout the world. Who is this person? Can he be known?

CEThrough the year we run courses for those who want to ask questions in an informal and non-threatening environment. Many people with different experiences and backgrounds, and different views and beliefs, come on the Christianity Explored course so why not investigate the answers to ‘Who is Jesus’ and ‘Why did he come?’

twowaysIf you want to investigate these questions by yourself then have a look at ‘2 ways to live

When you become a Christian you want to follow Jesus. And if there is a word that is used in the Bible more than any other to describe what a real Christian is, it’s the word DISCIPLE. A disciple is a learner, a follower of Jesus and someone who wants to be more like Jesus, their master each day. There are different ways in which you can be helped to grow as a disciple.