In a large church it is sometimes difficult to feel you belong and you get lost in the crowd. How do you find a way in? How can you contribute to the church community? Our small groups are the answer.


Growth Groups 

This is the name we give to our small groups that meet fortnightly on either a Tuesday or Wednesday from around 7.45pm and finish by 9.30pm. We anticipate almost all growth groups will return to meeting in-person in September. There will be one or two groups meeting on zoom so please contact Duncan if you would like to be part of an online group this term. 

alexis-brown-omeaHbEFlN4-unsplGrowth Groups have three aims:

MATURITY – We want to see every member of the church family become more like Jesus. That’s why studying and applying the Bible is at the centre.

COMMUNITY – We don’t want to just get real with God but also with each other. Here we share life, laugh, pray and serve each other in the day to day experiences of life.

MISSION – Our vision is to see families, friends and communities transformed by the gospel so our small groups not only look inward but outward as well. God’s word drives us out into the world to share Jesus and so we support each other as we witness in the different places God has put us.

If you want to join a Growth Group email Duncan