Trusting God when it Hurts

The Psalms is a songbook consisting of a rich variety of poems which God’s people have used through the ages to pray and praise Him through the ups and downs of life. Psalms 12-14 are often described as Psalms of Lament, because they reverberate with the sound of the Psalmist’s cries for help from God. Overwhelmed by the circumstances of life and universal opposition, the Psalmist is refreshingly real with God; Psalms 12-14 chime powerfully with believers who are experiencing anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, doubt, suffering or facing hostile opposition in their Christian life.

As we begin 2018 these Psalms help us to consider whose voice we will listen to, how we will react to the challenges and hardships that lie ahead, and remind us that our Sovereign God is able to protect his people from their oppressors. As we listen in to the Psalmist crying out, we learn not only how to cast our burdens onto God in prayer, but are also caused to remember the flawlessness of God’s word, the scale of humanity’s sin problem, and the certainty of the coming salvation and God’s victory over his enemies. Join us on Sunday evenings in January as we consider together how to trust God when it hurts.

January 7th Hate Speech Psalm 12
January 14th How Long, Lord? Psalm 13
January 21st God’s Foolproof Salvation Psalm 14