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    The Man Christ Jesus

    Over three Sunday nights we consider what it means for Jesus to both be 100% God and 100% man. How does the glorious truth at the heart of the Christian faith help us to both worship Jesus and seek to live in obedience to him?

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    Haggai: Challenging Priorities

    On three Sunday mornings at the dawning of 2019, the book of Haggai provides us with a natural opportunity to weigh-up our priorities for the year ahead. Will it be the plans, purposes, and people of the Lord Jesus Christ, or it will it be our own comfort and security?

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    Sermons preached during Christmas time.

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    Life's Biggest Questions

    Be honest. At some point in your life have you asked one of those really BIG questions? Does God really exist, and if he does, what's he like? Can we know him? What's the Bible all about and can we trust it anyway? And we all wonder sometimes what will come next and whether we've been good enough to get there. Listen in to some answers to those BIG questions.

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    Jesus vs Religion

    Jesus welcomed all to come to him and “find rest for your soul” (Matthew 11: 28 - 30), taking on his yolk which is easy and light. Matthew 12 shows the alternative heavy burden religion puts on people’s shoulders. In this series we’ll be seeing how Jesus is against dead religion, showing it cannot bring the true soul rest of knowing God that only he can deliver.

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    Eyewitnesses of the Messiah

    At the start of his gospel Luke says that everything we’re about to read has been drawn from the eyewitness testimonies of people who saw and met with Jesus. Luke is a historian. He wants us to know that what we’re about to read is fact not fiction. To show us this he kicks off his gospel with the personal stories of five people who witnessed the first Christmas. Join us in the run up to this Christmas as we listen in to their stories and discover why Jesus’ birth matters for us today.

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    On a Mission

    Jesus looks at the world and says “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. We often think it the opposite, the harvest is sparse and there is loads of us not knowing what to do. We’ll be looking for Jesus to change our mindset to see the world in the way he does as he seeks to multiply workers for his harvest. We’ll get first hand training from Jesus about what it will look like go out into our communities, social clubs and family with his gospel so we’ll be ready for what we face.

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