Life After Jesus

Life after Jesus
John 13 – 17
How do you follow Jesus when He’s no longer there?

In John 13 – 17 Jesus gives the ultimate team talk to His disciples preparing them for how to follow Him, when He’s no longer there. They’ve spent years, soaking in Jesus’ glory, watching as He has turned their nation upside down through His teaching and miracles. And now He is leaving them, for a gruesome death and to return to His Father in glory.

What will that mean for them?

How will they get to be with Him again?

How will they ever cope with the persecution they will face?

How will anyone hear Jesus’ words of eternal life, if it relies purely on them?

Jesus says some surprising, glorious and constantly challenging words giving His disciples exactly what they need to keep following Him when they can’t see Him anymore.

For Christians living 2000 years after those eventful few years in Palestine it is exactly what we need to hear as well. In a world where we can’t physically see Jesus and are increasingly being opposed for speaking His life giving words. What does life look like for us after Jesus?

Join us on Sunday evenings to find out.

17th September Still in Charge John 13: 1 – 28
24th September Mansion Prepared John 13: 31 – 14: 4
1st October The Way Revealed John 14: 5 – 14
8th October Not Left Alone John 14: 15 – 31
15th October Fruitful Remaining John 15: 1 – 17
22nd October Prepared for Hatred John 15: 18 – 6: 4
5th November Power to Convict John 16: 5 – 33
12th November Prayer for Perseverance John 17: 1 – 26