Good News for Turbulent Times

When times are turbulent, where should we turn and who should we trust?

That was the big question the people of Isaiah’s day were asking. Assyria to the north had a new king and ambitions to become a superpower. Tiny nations like Judah were in its sights. Conflict was inevitable. A showdown was coming. Who would they turn to for help and who should they trust?

It was into these turbulent times that God sent Isaiah. For 50 years and 4 kings Isaiah was like a stuck record, calling the people of his day to turn back to God and trust his Word. Amid the uncertainty and turmoil of his times, Isaiah’s message was one of judgement and hope. Their sin was serious, but God would keep his promises. While turbulent times lay ahead, God would send a perfect King who would deal with their sin by laying down his life.

We too are living in turbulent, volatile, fearful times. Like the people of Isaiah’s day, we can be tempted to turn to and trust in all the wrong things. Join us in 2018 as we learn what it means to turn to and trust in God’s King.

The PROMISED KING: Chapters 1 – 12
28th January Isaiah 12 How to have JOY in a BROKEN WORLD
The SOVEREIGN KING: Chapters 13 – 39
4th February Isaiah 24 The King who will JUDGE the World
11th February Isaiah 25 – 26 The King who will SAVE the World
18th February Isaiah 34 – 35 The King who will RENEW the World
25th February Isaiah 36 – 37: 20 The King we can TURN TO and TRUST IN
The SERVANT KING: Chapters 40 – 55
4th March Isaiah 40 – 41 The King who DELIVERS
8th April Isaiah 42: 1 – 17 The King who LIBERATES
6th May Isaiah 43 The King who REDEEMS
20th May Isaiah 44: 6 – 23 The King who is INCOMPARABLE
27th May Isaiah 52 The King who RESTORES
3rd June Isaiah 52: 13 – 53: 12 The King who SUFFERS
10th June Isaiah 55 The King who INVITES
The COMING KING: Chapters 56 – 66
9th September Isaiah 57: 14 – 21 The King who comes to bring PEACE
16th September Isaiah 59 The King who comes to CONQUER EVIL
23rd September Isaiah 60 – 62 The King who comes to SHARE HIS GLORY
7th October Isaiah 64 – 65: 7 The King who comes to REVEAL HIMSELF
14th October Isaiah 65: 17 – 25 The King who comes to make ALL THINGS NEW