Good News for Turbulent Times

When times are turbulent, where should we turn and who should we trust?

That was the big question the people of Isaiah’s day were asking. Life had been good during King Uzziah’s long reign. Judah had enjoyed an extended period of peace and prosperity. However, this had led to spiritual complacency, compromise and corruption. And now storm clouds were brewing. There was a new, more powerful kid on the block and he was starting to flex his muscles. Assyria had a new king and ambitions to become a superpower. Tiny nations like Israel and Judah were in its sights. Conflict looked inevitable. A showdown was coming. Where should they turn to for help and who should trust?

It was into these turbulent times that God sent Isaiah. For 50 years and 4 kings Isaiah was like a stuck record, calling the people of his day to turn back to God and trust his Word. Amid the uncertainty and turmoil of his times, Isaiah’s message was one of judgement and hope. Their sin was serious but God would keep his promises. While turbulent times lay ahead, God would send a greater Servant King who would deal with their sin by laying down his life.

We too are living in turbulent, volatile, fearful times. Like the people of Isaiah’s day, we can be tempted to turn to and trust in all the wrong things. Join us in the run up to Christmas as we work through the introduction to Isaiah and discover Good News for Turbulent Times.

5th November How to be clean on the inside Isaiah 1: 1 – 20
12th November How to be ready for God’s big day Isaiah 2: 1 – 22
26th November How ruined people can be restored Isaiah 5
3rd December How guilty people can be forgiven Isaiah 6: 1 – 8
10th December How to find favour with God’s king Isaiah 11: 1 – 11
17th December How to have joy in a broken world Isaiah 12