What to expect

Our Sunday morning services are designed for absolutely everyone.

There are two Sunday morning services at 9.30am and 11.30am except during school holidays when there is just one at 10.30am. You can check dates by clicking here.

We hope you’ll experience a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and if you’re not used to going to church you’ll find everything is explained and you are under no obligation to take part in anything you’d find uncomfortable. There is no dress code so wear what you feel comfortable with and we don’t collect money in any of our services. There is a box available at the back of the church if you want to put something in, but that is certainly not expected. The church is funded through the gifts of its regular members and we do not expect our visitors to contribute.

We recommend if you are unsure about anything when you arrive, just look for someone with a ‘welcome’ badge on. They are there to help and will find a suitable seat for you recognising that first visits can be quite daunting and you may want to slip in at the back!

In our services we aim to focus on God and not ourselves. Our songs reflect much of our Christian heritage with a contemporary style, we pray to acknowledge our dependence on him and we listen to someone applying the Bible in a culturally relevant way that connects with modern life. It is our conviction that when “God‘s Word is explained – God‘s Voice is heard“.

And what better way for you to get to know us and us to know you than over a cup of coffee after each service.

What about children and young people?

When you look round the congregation on a Sunday morning 25% are under 18 years old showing that Woodgreen is a great place for families.

We have always aimed to have an inspiring Bible-centred approach to our children and youth work and realise the responsibility we have as adults to model true discipleship in an increasingly hostile society.

On a Sunday morning we encourage all ages to be together for the first part of the service. We don’t mind the sound of children among us as there is a children’s slot just for them, although adults can listen as well! We also have all age services that happen on average twice a term.

On Sunday evenings at 6.00pm we encourage people to come as families and stay together for the hour long service. There is also Afterchurch, a group that meets for school year 9-13 after the evening service.

When we have two services, part way through the morning service children aged from 6 months to school year 9 leave for Young Church where the Bible is taught in an engaging and practical way.

When there is one service children up to age 6 leave for Young Church Xtra and children aged 7 and over stay in with a fun worksheet, so they can follow the talk.

We also have a quiet crèche which you can use at any time.

For your reassurance, all adults who are involved with children have been trained in safeguarding issues.

All children and young people who come to our activities will need to bring a signed registration form which you can download here.