Posts from December 2017

Good News for Turbulent Times

When times are turbulent, where should we turn and who should we trust? That was the big question the people of Isaiah’s day were asking. Assyria to the north had a new king and ambitions to become a superpower. Tiny nations like Judah were in its sights. Conflict was inevitable. A showdown was coming. Who […]

ARRIVAL – How to be ready for Jesus’ Return

Having spent the Christmas period considering Jesus’ first coming, we’re going to spend three weeks looking at three different parables to prepare us for his second coming. Nothing could be more important for us to consider as we close out one year and start a new year together. 31st December DELAY Matthew 25: 1 – […]

Trusting God when it Hurts

The Psalms is a songbook consisting of a rich variety of poems which God’s people have used through the ages to pray and praise Him through the ups and downs of life. Psalms 12-14 are often described as Psalms of Lament, because they reverberate with the sound of the Psalmist’s cries for help from God. […]